Beaches of city of Rethymno


There are two beaches:

•  To the east of the harbour (1 kilometre from Casa Dei Delfini), immediately after the jetty, is the big and splendid sandy beach of Rethymno. It is an organised cosmopolitan beach of length of many kilometres long with golden sand, where you can swim with comfort and safety or have fun doing various marine sports. Along the beach is the coastal road of (Sophocles Venizelos) two and a half kilometres long, where from the afternoon ownards and afterwards the Rethymnians and the visitors of to the city enjoy an idyllic walk viewing the sunset, the old city and the big sandy beach.

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•  Westwards, it is the beach of Koumpe (also about 1 kilometre from Casa Dei Delfini), less developed, with pebbles and sand. The coastline here is being continuously upgraded, with small hotels, beaches for swimming,some very worthwhile restaurants and exceptional view of the fortetza and the old city.