A walk in the old town of Rethymno

The rented rooms (studios) Casa Dei Delfini are found in the centre of the old city of Rethymno. This allows you to visit all sights in a few minutes and generally all places that interest you (see. map), making at the same time a pleasant walk.

In our walk in the γραφικά picturesque alleys picture preview one can observe almost all the architectural remains of Venetian domination and Ottoman domination: the renaissance town planning, many Venetian buildings, most beautiful door-frames and windows, wooden "pavilions"picture preview of the Ottoman domination, vaulted ground floors, pebbled internal courtyards and stone staircases, the picturesque Venetian harbourpicture preview with its stone lighthouse, the mosques with their elaborate minarets and the fountains with Turkish signs etc Elements that compose the character and express the style of the picturesque old city of Rethymno, even if the modern and sophisticated elements try to spoi it.

Beginning from Casa dei Delfini picture preview we follow the street ("Long Alley", road Nikiforos Fokas) going north and we reach the gate of excellently preserved Venetian castle ( "Fortetza", picture preview , point No 10 in the map). In Fortetza there is the modern open-air theatre "Erofili" theatre, in which theatrical and musical performances are given during the multicultural Renaissance Festival that is organised by the municipality of Rethymno each summer. The building opposite the gate is the Archaeological Museum (11) – former prisons and the exterior ramparts on Ottoman domination. Going down to the sea, on the coastal road below of Fortetza, we are found in the area " Giouloumpasi " (26), a cool spot above the rocky coast with cafeterias, taverns - restaurants and bars that is full of life and constitutes today meeting place for young people - and not only from Rethymno..

Thus we reach the beautiful Venetian harbour picture preview (16), the Loggia (15), the imposing Venetian building – a place of meeting and amusement of Venetian noblemen, the Rimondi fountain ( 14), and the splendid mosque Neratze (6), currently the Conservatoire of Rethymno. On it you may see clearly the marks of architectural transformations and changes of uses during the centuries.

This whole area we walked (and wider) is full of history, monuments, all kinds of shops, life and movement.

Do not forget to see also: the impressive Venetian church of Saint Frangkiskos (5) today room of events, the mosques Kara Musa (1) and Veli Pasa (25), the Municipal Garden (22) still a note of dew with big variety of trees and plants that was opened in 1925, the Folklore Museum (7), the Museum of Marine Life (9), the art gallery Kanakaki (12).

Old town of Rethymno