Description and history

Studios inCrete Rethymno - Casa dei Delfini

The «HOUSE of DOLPHINS» (Casa Dei Delfini) is a small complex consising of 4 studios and a two storey maisonette house in the centre of the old city of Rethymno.It is an old Venetian - Turkish mansion, built more than 500 years ago, that has been renovated recently by the owners, Katerina and Vangelis with grate care and with due regard to the architectural heritage. It is situated at 66-68 Nikiforos Fokas Street, in a quiet part of the Venetian town. This street, known as "Long Alley" by the Rethymnians, many centuries ago was one from the three central streets of the town.

Studios inCrete Rethymno - splendid renaissance door-frame

The splendid renaissance door-frame surrounding the gates is the most important preserved door-frame in this street. It shows that some very important Venetian noblemen lived here. The great height of the door-frame was needed in order to enter while riding horses without having to get off the horses. Notice the two embossed heads of warriors pic. 1 embossed heads of warriors pic. 2  embossed heads of warriors, of fine renaissance art, where the marks of destruction of their faces are obvious, from Turkish hand with a lot of hatred.

When the Turks conquered the city, they added the two-storied building in the courtyard. This is why the πηγάδι picture preview is found today in studio No 2 . In the floor aboveis saved a small Turkish bath is preserved ( studio No 3 ). The two-storey house was once Turkish loft women’s quarters, which we can deduce from the large number of windows ( 9 in the north wall) and its own spacious veranda.

All these create an enchanting and romantic atmosphere that coexists with all the modern amenities for a comfortable and pleasant stay.